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Prof. Rouge Ekkehard Fahr, floor lamp M60 from the modular system



The floor lamp consists of a black painted round steel plate with support rod made of chrome-plated steel tube.

Lighting rod made of matt anodized aluminum tube with fluorescent lamp. Joint plexi crystal clear.

The support rod can be unscrewed from the base plate and disassembled itself into 3 rods of equal length.

The lamp was in production until 1975.

Detail description construction kit M60. (Photo)

Carved signature on the bottom of the base plate: M60 fahr 1960-65 r.e.f (Photo)

base plate D 30 cm support rod 180 cm light rod 138 cm




– Since 1966 in the permanent collection of the Moma Museum New York (Photo)

– Since 1982 The New Collection in the Pinakotheke der Moderne Munich

– 1968 awarded the ‘Rosenthal Studio Prize

– Since 1966 Design collection Peter Sulzer Foundation Simonshof LD in Gleisweiler

– 1962 Publication in Lampen und Leuchten

An international form cross-section (Photo)


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